Why We Care

What We Care

What We Care

Nurturing your needs while nurturing nature

Our passion for yoga goes beyond the poses and the props—it extends to parts of the planet that are greatly affected by environmental change, pollution, and global warming. That’s why for us, nurturing your needs and the planet’s go hand in hand.

Because nature has been kind enough to provide us with natural spaces for practice and organic materials for our mats, we want to return the favor by being extra mindful of our production process. We see to it that all the materials that go into the manufacturing of our products are safe, non-toxic, and most especially, environment friendly. How do we do that? Everyone at Sol Living is given the responsibility to maintain sustainable practices and take care of the sources of our raw materials. As an added step, we only entrust the assembly of our products to like-minded people who share the same green philosophy as ours.

Our Community

We make mats that matter

With the core principles of yoga as our guiding tool, we design and develop products that are accessible and affordable for anyone who wants to have a healthier, more positive lifestyle. We believe that a regular practice does not just strengthen the body, but also enhances the mind and the spirit. Which means, the more yogis there are, the more positive communities can be.

That’s why we are starting up online videos and classes where people, regardless of age, status or previous experience, can easily watch and learn yoga from. You can spread positivity by simply signing up and spreading the word.


Giving Back

Purpose driven products

Yoga brings out the best in each of us—so much so that it encourages us to do humanitarian good, no matter how small. Sol Living seizes the opportunity to help you make a positive impact to the world, just by simply supporting our products. We make that happen in two ways:

First, every mat bought from this site and in-store helps create jobs for women who are members of our partner cooperation co- ops and organizations in India. They are hardworking individuals who help us make our organic cotton yoga mats by hand. We empower these women and sustain their industry by producing honest to goodness yoga mats and accessories you love. Learn more about them here.

Second, we see to it that your purchasing power can mean so much more. A percentage of our annual income goes to charities we support:

Charity organization