Sol Living History

Our Story

You shape the practice that shapes our products

Sol Living is founded on the belief that we can make a difference in the lives of yogis, both on and off the mat. Our sole mission is to provide you with technologically superior, yet environmentally thoughtful products that work not just as a prop, but as an extension of your mind, body, and practice. Inspired and shaped by each member of the yoga community, our mats and accessories are engineered to boost balance, improve performance, and enhance the overall yoga experience, no matter what your style or personal preferences are.

All our efforts at Sol Living is dedicated to promoting yoga as a way of life. From the conception of our ideas to the sourcing of our raw materials, we always aim for products that you can connect to, live with, and love for as long as possible. We don’t mind taking the longer route, if that’s what it takes to find lasting solutions to your special needs.

Our yoga mats and accessories are a step ahead of everyone else, simply because we take things personally: we keep your personal needs top of mind and found solutions based on that.

The result? Yoga products that you can claim as solely your own. No more slippery surfaces or distracting odor that disrupt your practice; only effective, eco-friendly products that represent the five natural, balancing elements of yoga.

earth for eco-friendliness, air for odor control and breathability, water for sweat absorbance, space for the perfect roominess, and fire for sturdiness in grip. By pairing your needs with the planet’s, we’ve come up with non-slip mats that are made from materials you won’t ever mind practicing on: organic premium cotton (top surface) and natural rubber tree (bottom surface). Learn more about our products here.

Staying true to our roots, staying true to yoga

Our story is one that is rooted in the desire to make every second of practice the best it can be, through products inspired by the people that keep yoga alive: the yogi community. Years of experience taught us that in a sea of commercialized, mass- produced brands, a yoga line that truly understands us is hard to come by. Sol Living is created to change exactly that.

Why Us

Soulfully created for you

We at Sol Living value you as much as we value yoga. Our products are treated as something personal, as a part of life and as a way of life. That’s why we are serious about finding a much better alternative for commercialized products existing in the market that slip, slide, smell and disrupt your whole practice.

Shaped by every yogi’s needs and enhanced by nature’s natural solutions, we’ve created organic cotton yoga mats that are moisture-absorbing, odor-eliminating, anti-sliding and best of all,earth loving.

It feels good to the touch because of the soft, superior quality cotton, and it allows you to move without worries because of the natural latex behind that gives you a one-of- a-kind, solid grip. We promise to keep innovating yoga products that are soulfully created for you. Shop yoga mats and more.